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Design Masterclasses at India Kitchen Congress 2024

The design track at India Kitchen Congress 2024 presents engaging masterclasses for design professionals.

1. Designing Customer-centric Retail Environments

by Surender Gnanaolivu

In this masterclass, retail design guru Surender Gnanaolivu demystifies the needs and expectations of today’s customer in the domain of Home Improvement. He then goes on to propose design strategies that enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately drive business success in retail.

The talk would cover core principles and best practises explained with case studies, to enable practical takeaways that are relevant to all retail business formats in today’s experiential world.

2. Mastering Home Interior Design: The 6P Space Planning Method

By Gopal Dwivedi

Ace kitchen designer Gopal Dwivedi presents a specialised 6P masterclass tailored for interior designers targeting the home segment.

In this masterclass, participants will explore the fundamental components of space planning – Purpose and People to Place, Placement, Practice, and Personalisation – and learn to create cohesive and efficient home interior designs.

This session offers insight into leveraging the 6Ps for elevating the impact of design projects, while providing a comprehensive approach towards home aesthetics and functionality.

This is an invite-only event, as seats are limited. To receive invite, please register here.


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