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REHAU Brings Home RAUVOLET Noble Matt Roller Shutter

RAUVOLET Noble Matt Roller Shutter is the newest addition to REHAU’s wide range of furniture components. This cutting-edge roller shutter system is designed to provide functional and aesthetic excellence for modern kitchens and living spaces.

Tailored to meet the growing demand for roller shutters in commercial and residential spaces across India, Noble Matt boasts a super matt finish and a soft, elegant touch. It is offered in trending colours – Silver Lake, Casa Blanca, Gaslit Alley, and After Dark – which make it easy to effortlessly match kitchen accessories, surfaces, and hardware, resulting in a harmonious and visually appealing overall space appearance.

Key features of the roller shutter are its super matt surface; scratch resistance, making it suitable to high traffic areas; ease of installation, with its plug-and-play installation procedure; lightweight design; and smooth and silent movement.


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