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Rise Group Distributes Ration, Medicines to 900 Workers

Joining the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, Delhi-NCR based Rise Group is distributing ration, medicines, and other essential items among its direct and contractual labourers assigned for various projects.

“We are here to do our bit for the needy; no one should sleep hungry. We are providing food packets of 3 kg pulses, 5kg rice, and 5kg flour in addition to other necessary items for 900 workers at the hutments established in their project locations of Rise Resort Residences, Rise Sky bungalows and Organic Ghar at Greater Noida West, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad respectively. We are providing masks and gloves for their safety, besides ensuring medical examination at relevant intervals. The company is also distributing medicines, tea, and milk free of cost,” Vaibhav Jain, chief managing director, Rise Group said. “These camps are sanitised and cleaned on a regular basis to control the spread of the disease. One of the most crucial needs of clean water is also being addressed by the Rise Group.”

Acknowledging the contributions of workers, Vaibhav said, “We all are going through difficult times. While many of us have our savings to look up to, there remains a section of society which needs aid and financial support to sustain these days. Much of our regular activities depend on these people; it is time to address and fulfil their needs in the best way we can. We are part of the community, now are the times to serve it selflessly. I am positive that all of the philanthropic efforts practised around will soon see positive results, and India will rise above this illness.”


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