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Rs 45-90 Lakh ‘Sweet Spot’ for 36% Women Homebuyers: ANAROCK Survey

  • 27 per cent women homebuyers prefer premium homes priced Rs 90 lakh–1.5 cr; 20 per cent prefer luxury homes priced >Rs 1.5 cr
  • 65 per cent of women respondents prefer housing as an investment asset class while gold loses lustre – just 8 per cent  prefer it for investment
  • 77 per cent of women respondents will buy a home for end-use, 23 per cent for investment
  • Size matters – 50 per cent women respondents favour 3BHKs, 33 per cent favour 2BHKs, 10 per cent looking for 4BHKs
  • 48 per cent of women correspondents prefer ready-to-move homes; 45 per cent looking for homes that will be ready within 12 months
  • Lower loan rates and stamp duty, special PMAY provisions a big draw for women homebuyers

At a time when housing sales have reached an all-time high, women homebuyers are a key segment. 83 per cent of women respondents in ANAROCK‘s most recent Consumer Sentiment Survey looked at homes priced above Rs 45 lakh. The Rs 45-90 lakh budget range is the ‘sweet spot’ for 36 per cent of women home seekers, and 27 per cent prefer premium homes priced from Rs 90 lakh to Rs 1.5 crore. 20 per cent prefer luxury homes priced >Rs 1.5 crore. Affordable homes priced under Rs 45 lakh are the least preferred.

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The survey also finds that gold has lost its sheen even as real estate has gained favour for women investors. At least 65 per cent of women homebuyers now prefer to invest in real estate, followed by 20 per cent favouring the stock markets. Just 8 per cent of women respondents favour gold, and 7 per cent prefer FDs.

Over the last decade, women have emerged as a major residential real estate buyer segment, especially in urban centres. Their preferences are also distinctly shaping newer trends – from bigger homes, and ready-to-move properties to specific budgets, they know exactly what they want. And like millennials, their preferences now influence the supply that developers put on the market.

More women are now also buying property for investment. As per the survey, the ratio of women buying properties for end-use and investment has changed from the previous survey. It now stands at 77:23, where it was previously 82:18.

Of the total of 5,500 survey participants, 50 per cent of respondents were women and among these, more than 80 per cent consider the current time as ideal for buying homes.

Advantage – Women Homebuyers

There are many benefits that Indian women can avail by buying and registering properties in their names:

  • Various government policies support and promote women homeownership in India. For instance, to avail homes under the government’s flagship scheme Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY) introduced in 2015, homes have to be mandatorily registered either in a woman’s name or with a woman as co-owner. This was done to empower women of the lower-income segments.
  • Lower stamp duty is another benefit women homebuyers enjoy. Stamp duty charges are lower if the property is registered in a woman’s name, albeit with variations from state to state. The exemption varies from 1-2 per cent across states, and may even vary within a particular state, based on the classification of regions as ‘urban’ and ‘rural’. For instance, Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana offer a relaxation in stamp duty for women buyers.
  • Many banks such as SBI, ICICI, and HDFC offer discounted home loan rates to women as compared to men. This again varies from bank to bank, with a difference of around 0.25 per cent.
  • To avail of certain tax benefits, a woman can also become the joint owner of a property with her husband and, if she has a separate source of income, both can claim tax deductions individually.
StateFor MenFor Women
Haryana5% in rural & 7% in urban areas3% in rural & 5% in urban areas
Rajasthan6% + 20% (of 6%) labour cess5% + 20% (of 5%) labour cess

Source: ANAROCK Research


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