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Somany Ceramics introduces Tesoro Repliq

Somany Ceramics introduces Tesoro Repliq by Duragres, a well-known brand for glazed vitrified tiles. 

Tesoro Repliq is a unique concept that offers the same design (set of shades) in two sizes and two finishes. The new tile concept is a perfect fit for cohesive and homogeneous interior results and is available in customised applications and room setups. Its highlighter concepts are available for both walls and floors. 

The tiles are offered in 600x1200mm (carving matt finish) and 600x600mm (carving matt and full polished finish) biscuits. These flooring tiles have cutting-edge Italian features with all the benefits regarding resilience and maintenance.

With a reflective nature, the full-polished tiles make the room look bigger and are also a suitable option for kitchens and smaller spaces, or rooms with low natural light. They are easy to clean and maintain in nature. The matte tiles have better friction, so they are a good option for bathroom floors and wet areas.

An ideal choice of designers, Tesoro Repliq tiles allow the creative mind to embrace the floor and wall with the same tile but in different sizes and finishes.


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