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Spalet Collection from American Standard

The Spalet Collection from American Standard includes beautifully crafted shower toilets such as the Aerozen and Acacia E and electronic bidet seats with spa-like functions to provide comfort and enhanced personal hygiene. 

Unique features include:

  • Built-in deodoriser that gets activated as soon as the user is seated. 
  • Anti-bacterial protection on the seat, cover, nozzle, and remote control.
  • Dual nozzle – front and rear cleansing nozzles – to ensure thorough posterior cleansing with direct spray. 
  • Feminine air bubble soft cleansing mode that offers a gentle flow of warm aerated water for increased washing comfort.
  • Nozzle shutter that prevents waste materials from getting to the nozzle tips, thus ensuring better hygiene. 
  • Auto drain system automatically replaces unused water in the boiler after 72 hours.
  • Instant heating system, which provides constant warm water as well as a heated seat with adjustable temperature. 
  • Massage spray that alternates between strong and mild modes to create a relaxing massaging effect. 
  • Temperature-adjustable dryer. 
  • Quick detach seat cover that allows for convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Seat and cover sensor that detects presence and opens (and closes) the lid and flushes automatically. 
  • One-touch power saver, which disables water heating and seat heating while allowing cleansing and flushing to continue. 
  • Circuit breaker to cut off power automatically under unusual circumstances.


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