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VitrA’s Latest Collection Equal is Elegant and Tranquil

VitrA’s latest collection Equal, a collaboration between acclaimed Italian designer Claudio Bellini and the VitrA design team, is both elegant and tranquil.

Equal is a stunning collection that is characterised by pure shapes and seamless joints. The design is focused on creating a sense of fluidity, and the smooth edges are used to mimic the natural contours found in lakes. The more structured lines provide a sense of balance and stability, resulting in perfect harmony between natural shapes and man-made structures.

This is a versatile collection that can be customised to fit any bathroom style. The collection includes washbasins, toilets, and bidets, all designed to work together seamlessly. The collection’s modular approach means that users can mix and match the products to create a bathroom that reflects their personal style.

One of the most striking features of the VitrA Equal collection is the seamless joints. The design ensures that there are no visible joints, giving the products a clean and modern appearance.

VitrA’s Equal collection of WC pans incorporates innovative Rim-Ex technology that eliminates the hard-to-clean rims, ensuring superior hygiene by preventing the accumulation of germs. VitrA prioritises hygiene and provides user-friendly cleaning solutions with its VitrA Hygiene technology. The ION technology in VitrA Hygiene prevents harmful bacteria by 99.9%, ensuring maximum hygiene on all surfaces. The technology’s protective feature remains intact even under intense usage conditions. It has a special glaze that coats all external and internal surfaces of VitrA ceramic ware, providing lifelong VitrA Hygiene protection.


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