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VitrA’s V-care Smart WC Pan

VitrA recently introduced its technologically advanced V-care smart WC pan. Designed by the famous design studio NOA, these innovative toilets combines the functionality of a toilet and cleaning properties of a bidet with impressive WC design and increased comfort. The new V-care range of WC pan with a specially designed nozzle spray allows the user to regulate the water as desired. V- care can be used via a remote controller that helps in controlling features like nozzle position, water pressure and the temperature of the water and the seat.

This innovative V-care range by VitrA is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and hygiene. The rimless design of the inner bowl and a hidden installation by VitrA makes it easier to clean the WC. Offering features like maximum drying and air purification, this range is the solution for personal cleaning and hygiene. The V-care range offers two alternatives- basic and comfort – with range of features that can be set to personal preference on a remote-control handset that is easy to use, thanks to its hand-fitting ergonomic form and user-friendly interface.

Basic comes with fundamental features and an affordable price, while Comfort offers the most rewarding experience. A single button on the pan provides conventional washing for guests who might prefer manual use, ensuring maximum convenience for everyone. The V-care WC pan offers different washing options so that cleaning can be customized to the hygiene needs of each family member. The specially designed nozzle allows you to adjust water temperature, pressure and position for ultimate comfort. The nozzle automatically self-cleans before and after each use, and can be easily removed for manual cleaning if desired.

Comfort functions of the remote:

  • Front & rear-washing options
  • Pulsating & oscillating washing options
  • Water pressure & position adjustments
  • Nozzle position setting
  • Seat temperature adjustment
  • Dryer/dryer temperature adjustment
  • Air purifier
  • Open-close seat





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