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Water Resistant HDHMR Boards from Action Tesa

HDHMR Boards from Action Tesa are water resistant, termite and borer resistant, have a high screw holding strength, and come with zero bubble finish.

These qualities make the boards suited for making furniture, especially where the risk of moisture exists. The boards are also ideal for making kitchen shutters, door shutters, partitions, packaging industry furniture, and outdoor fixtures. 

Action TESA HDHMR boards are manufactured using eucalyptus hardwood and have a density of more than 850 kg/m3, thus making them a naturally tough material. The manufacturing unit is located at Sitarganj, Uttarakhand. 

According to Ajay Aggarwal, Action TESA managing director, “The HDHMR board by Action TESA is a seamless example of sustainable material. It is the perfect solution to replace traditional plywood. It has the same overall performance, and it is cost affordable too. The use of HDHMR boards in residential as well as commercial construction has been steadily increasing in recent years, which is mainly due to its affordability and performance.”

These boards are available in pre-laminated form and come with the added advantage of Antiviro Technology which kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and microbes.


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