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75F Launches Epidemic Mode Software to Make Workplaces Safe, Healthy during Covid-19 Crisis

As offices prepare to reopen across the country, buildings are the new front in the fight against Covid-19. 75F has launched 75F Epidemic Mode, a new HVAC software sequence that “ensures” commercial buildings are healthier while keeping employees and customers safe, the company has said in a press statement.

The system features various components, such as indoor air flushes, where post working hours the entire air within the premises is replaced with fresh air from outside and during office hours ventilation from outside is increased to limit movement of airborne particles and reuse of indoor air. All these are based on the latest guidance from scientists, government organisations, and global industry leaders such as ISHRAE which has been adopted by the government, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers) and the CDC (Centre for Disease Control).

“The world is amid a pandemic with so many unknowns, where the brightest minds are developing innovative ways to modify their businesses and 75F Epidemic Mode does that for the commercial building industry,” Deepinder Singh, CEO and Founder of 75F said. “Being able to give companies and their employees some peace of mind that their facilities managers are taking the initiative to make their environments safe and healthy is extremely important and we believe will become the norm even when the outbreak is over”, Gaurav Burman, the company’s president for APAC region.

Apart from minimising operating expense, Singh the 75F Epidemic Mode also delivers significant energy savings. Increasing ventilation from 20% outside air to 90% outside air can normally lead to a high energy bill, but with the 75F Epidemic Mode profiles, the concentration of infectious airborne particles is reduced while energy consumption is minimised.

“75F offers the only system on the market today currently implementing these healthy buildings measures, which are available free of charge to all customers in office buildings, retail businesses, schools, restaurants, and apartment buildings. Once the pandemic is controlled, 75F technology will allow facility managers to easily, and remotely, disable these measures, with a return to 75F’s award-winning algorithms to improve the comfort of occupants,” he added.


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