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C P Kukreja Architects to Design Indian Oil’s Punjab Headquarters

New Delhi-based C P Kukreja Architects (CPKA), the country’s multi-disciplinary architectural and engineering firm, is set to design the state headquarters for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) at Mohali in Punjab. The firm has won the project through a National design competition.

Being the largest commercial oil company in the country, the design for the state headquarters was selected based on the architects’ concept of understanding of three factors – corporate governance, climate responsiveness, and introducing workspaces thriving with culture. The site spreads across 2.2 acres of prime land and is strategically located with access to public facilities and transportation. The project encompasses the design of IOCL headquarters building, senior management centre, transit camp, and residences, Dikshu Kukreja, principal architect, CPKA has informed.

“With a striking façade, the fluidity of oil inspires the viscous curvaceous forms, instilling a sense of curiosity over its visitors and allowing the edifice to emerge as a beacon of progress for the city.

Technology plays an essential part of design development and has been rigorously accommodated to safeguard the health provisions for top management staff of IOCL as well as ministerial and VIP visitors, their security and communication along with ensuring an unhindered work flow at the office. A confluence of art in architecture, deriving inspiration from the industrial nature of the Corporation, inspires a fusion between high profile functionality and imbibing an aesthetic appeal to the edifice,” Kukreja added.

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The proposal also has been appreciated for its resolve to manifest as a leading example of Net Zero energy Complex. Through careful implementation of energy, water and electricity conservation strategies, the architects present a visionary module of design which heralds as a Smart development for the city, he also added.


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