Thursday, April 18, 2024, Microsoft, Adobe Join Hands to Launch CRM with AI, Microsoft, Adobe Join Hands to Launch CRM with AI, Microsoft Corp, and Adobe Inc have launched the C3 AI CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. The first enterprise-class, AI-first customer relationship management solution is purpose-built for industries, integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud, and drives customer-facing operations with predictive business insights

“Microsoft, Adobe, and are reinventing a market that Siebel Systems invented more than 25 years ago,” Thomas M Siebel, CEO, has said. “The dynamics of the market and the mandates of digital transformation have dramatically changed CRM market requirements. A general-purpose CRM system of record is no longer sufficient. Customers today demand industry-specific, fully AI-enabled solutions that provide AI-enabled revenue forecasting, product forecasting, customer churn, next-best product, next-best offer, and predisposition to buy.”

The companies are initially targeting industry vertical markets, including financial services, oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, public sector, healthcare, defence, intelligence, automotive, and aerospace. The C3 AI CRM is immediately available, with Adobe Experience Cloud sold separately. It will be available from, Adobe, Microsoft and through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketplace, Microsoft has said.


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