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Camry Collaborates with Vifra, Set to Introduce Shut-off Health Faucet

Shresthi Bathware, the owner of brand Camry, is all set to introduce a range of health faucet in the Indian market. For this, it has collaborated with an Italian company, Vifra Srl manufacturers of shut-off range of faucets. Shresthi which has been manufacturing floor drains, shower channels and other accessories for the last decade and a half will be marketing the shut-off range of health faucets. In an exclusive interaction with Sourcing Hardware, the company’s director Rahul Jain shared, “Last month we entered into an agreement with Vifra Srl to market their range of health faucets in India. The products have arrived and we are all set to offer it to our customers.’

The shut-off range of health faucet has been designed by Italian designer Ernesto Messineo, informed Jain. He added that the product comes in three variants – two chrome-plated and the other in white – and offers a five-year warranty. ‘The pricing is affordable,’ claimed Jain, adding that the three variants have been priced at Rs 1,600, Rs 1,800, and Rs 2,000 respectively. ‘In the next three months we will be selling over 3,000 pieces,’ he remarked.

Jain shared that the company, Camry will be using its existing network of over 350 dealers across India to sell its new product offering. ‘Our market research shows that the product will have greater acceptance in south India,’ he informed, adding that going forward the company would like to increase its retail footprint in the region.


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