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CenturyPly Launches E-shop

Plywood and decoratives major Century Plyboards India Ltd has launched CenturyPly e-shop operation across the country. The company’s shopping platform will enable consumers to browse and buy plywood, doors, laminates, stark PVC and MDF from the company website:

According to the company’s executive director Nikita Bansal, customers can log in through their phones, tablets, laptops or desktops and enjoy the convenience of browsing through the entire range of products that CenturyPly offers. They will be able to place an order and receive deliveries of products at their doorsteps.

“We are witnessing that consumers are getting more comfortable and accustomed to the digital buying experience. CenturyPly has always found innovative ways to bring the preferred and genuine products to the consumers. In the current time, our priority is to ensure the safety of our consumers, thus we are reaching their doorstep, in a safe and convenient way. The e-shop enables a seamless buying experience for the consumers allowing them to buy directly from the company website,” Bansal said.

She added: With sales expected to jump in the second quarter of FY20 due to the pandemic-induced lockdown and consumers’ increasing propensity to digital consumption, this diversification will bring momentum in the brand-consumer relationship.”

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