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Citizens Should take Charge of Their Safety at Home: Godrej Locks’ Shyam Motwani

The country’s oldest lock maker is making an issue out of home security, and rightly so. According to Godrej Locks, people in India are more aware of digital security than home security, and this insight has led it to launch the Home Safety Assessment Programme. The company’s EVP and business head Shyam Motwani spoke to SH about the program and how technology is bringing about a change in behaviour.

The #HarGharSurakshit campaign is now a year old. What understanding have you gained through this campaign, regarding behaviour concerning home safety?
Home safety continues to be a serious issue in India.

According to the recent NCRB data, there is one home break-in like robbery, theft and burglary in every three minutes. This is a matter of grave concern and calls for immediate action by all. The awareness campaign, Har Ghar Surakshit, after a year has now transcended into a movement.

The campaign aims to urge citizens to take charge of their safety at home. We want to bring about a behavioural change and inspire people to be agents of safety themselves. We have realised that Indians do not bother about their safety unless a mishap takes place. This insight urged us to launch the Agent of Safety initiative where one can avail a free safety assessment and equip themselves.

Godrej has said that it will provide a safety audit of homes on request. What does this audit entail? Can this become an industry best practice?

There was a 10.53% increase in incidents of home safety breaches in 2017 compared to 2016, which is a grave concern. Moreover, as per India’s safety paradox ‘home safety vs digital safety’ a report by Godrej Locks, 64% of Indians are not equipped to handle such threats.

On the first anniversary of #HarGharSurakshit, we unveiled the free Home Safety Assessment Programme through which citizens can measure the safety strength of their homes.

This unique offering of a safety audit will allow citizens to gauge safety standards and take precautionary measures to address any loopholes in home safety. The Home Safety Assessment Programme is one such crucial step in line with this vision.

People can avail this service for free anywhere in India by visiting and enrol themselves by submitting the required details on this newly launched website for the campaign. Being the industry leader, we do hope that this is a successful campaign which becomes a best practice.

New-age security products are increasingly based on IoT platforms. How is this development likely to impact the lifestyles of homeowners in coming years?

IoT is going to be a sizeable emerging area by 2020. It is estimated that the world will have more IoT connected devices than humans by then. Locks have gone digital over the last few years, and now the Internet of Things (IoT) is added to this area.

There are locks available which can be operated on the cloud and opened from anywhere in the world. The anxiety related to locking homes properly before leaving, or losing your house key, will be a past concept. This development will lead to homeowners adopting a key-less lifestyle.

What are the latest innovations that Godrej Locks is bringing to Indian consumers?

In India, Godrej Locks is the leader and pioneer of digital locks. Today, after over 122 years, the company’s legacy continues to ensure a high degree of security to consumers with the implementation of the latest technology and constant innovation.

Godrej Locks provides a revolutionary locking solution – Advantis. Advantis is a technologically advanced digital locks range that brings home safety at one’s fingertips.

The range comes with advanced technology like 360 fingerprint registration, Low Battery Indication, Multi-Touch Function, Break-In Damage Alarm, among others which are first in the locking system industry. Additionally, the Advantis range comes with a mechanical key override which also takes into account any lapse in technology.

Are Indian carpenters suitably skilled to install and maintain the new-age locking systems? What needs to be done to address this skill gap, if at all there is one?

When one buys a Godrej digital lock, a carpenter is not needed as Godrej supports the customer with trained experts for setting up the locks at their homes.

The trained professional is assigned within 48 hours of purchasing a lock. Additionally, for any after-sales assistance, one can get in touch with Godrej Locks assistance team 24×7.


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