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Colormaxx Lacquered Glass from Saint-Gobain Glass

Colormaxx lacquered glass from Saint-Gobain Glass is a speciality product for creating outstanding interiors. SSG Colormaxx merges glass brilliance with coloured lacquer, to elevate interior spaces with its glossy, coloured surface.

Unlike back-painted glass, SGG Colormaxx allows users to choose any colour under the sun for the interiors. It can therefore be used for living room transformations and for kitchen enhancements with captivating splashbacks, for personalised bedroom headboards, and even for smart tabletops.

Apart from annealed glass, SGG Colormaxx is available in tempered/toughened formats as well. It redefines quality standards by eliminating common issues that back painted glass usually has, like peel-offs, spots, discolouration, and variations in colour.

SGG Colormaxx offers a made-to-order experience, and offers exceptional durability, easy maintenance, eco-friendliness, and resistance to moisture, and heat.


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