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GAMLE Appliances Offers Dealerships Across India

In the next one-quarter, GAMLE seeks to add over a hundred dealers

Faridabad-based Orange Crow International Pvt Ltd is on a massive expansion drive. Having launched GAMLE kitchen appliances in September 2016, the company is set to expand its operations in all major metro and non-metro cities including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

“The year 2017 will be devoted to building our channel partner network,” says Sanjeev Dayal, founder and managing director of GAMLE. At present the operations of the company are limited primarily to Delhi-NCR and nearby areas. “As for expanding our network presence, we have started with Delhi-NCR and at present have 40-45 dealers in the region. In the coming three months or so we will add 125-150 dealers to our list,” shares Dayal.

The startup also plans to open a chain of branded stores by the name of GAMLE World. “Along with the addition of dealers, we are also working on our plans to roll out GAMLE World, an experience centre of sorts that will have on display the choicest range of our products. Here we will have exclusivity for franchisees. The first GAMLE World will come up in Jaipur, and there are plans afoot to have another one in Delhi-NCR.”

Talking more about the network expansion plans, Dayal makes it clear that though at present the brand is available in Delhi-NCR, the company is in talks to increase its presence in north India. “We are definitely looking for business partners in UP, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc,” says Dayal. He adds, “By the end of June we will have 20-odd dealers in Rajasthan.”

“We are definitely looking to mark our presence in eastern parts of India – Guwahati and Odisha – as well as in southern region – Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Our intent is to be present across India by the end of the year.”

Sharing insights about brand GAMLE, Dayal reveals that the company primarily imports its range of appliances from China, as well sources a few from local manufacturers and OEMs. The company will be competing on quality and price. “If you look at the brands present in the market, the price range is beyond the reach of the consumers. We at GAMLE will be offering quality products in an affordable price range,” says Dayal. To begin with, the company is offering three product ranges at relatively affordable prices as compared to those of its peers. “GAMLE products in the economy range will be priced 10-15% lower than corresponding ranges of competing brands in the market; likewise the essential range will be 20-25% lower, and premium range will be 30-35% lower,” he reveals. He adds that by positioning itself in a competitive yet affordable price band, GAMLE will provide relief to consumers.

At present the focus of the new kitchen appliances brand is on chimneys, hobs and cook tops, as these are utility products and their buyers are mostly young educated couples. “In the next four to five months, GAMLE will introduce built-in products, and we will be targeting the middle-class consumer base.” ')}


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