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Get a Sneak Peek into Kajal Agarwal’s Mumbai Haven

“You can take a girl out of Bombay but never Bombay out of a girl”— that’s how Kajal Agarwal begins our introduction to her home in Asian Paints’ Where The Heart Is. Kajal is one of the most prolific actors in India today; having worked extensively in the Tamil and Telugu film industry for many years. She’s even considered a lucky charm by many directors and producers and has been a part of some big-budget movies over the years.

Although the actor is now based out of Hyderabad, it’s Mumbai that she calls home, having grown up in the city. In fact, her home that’s located in Mumbai’s iconic Marine Drive isn’t a recent purchase; it’s her childhood home. As Kajal says, this is the home she was born in, and it’s also the home that she associates with every single memory during her growing up years — whether it was a big event or a small celebration.

However, this home no longer bears much resemblance to Kajal’s growing up years. Kajal has now redecorated her home, moulding it in a way that suits her needs and sensibilities as they’ve evolved over the years. Her Mumbai home is now the perfect place for a “staycation”— where she can unwind, reconnect with family and old friends, and take a break from her hectic life.

While describing her living room, Kajal says, “It’s so basic, but it speaks of quality”, and that’s true for the entire home. Minimalism is the overarching theme that runs through every corner. And there are a few signature pieces and cherished collectables that set off the otherwise minimalistic decor perfectly.

Take the example of the modernistic centre table in the living room — it has a unique contemporary design that’s also very pragmatic. The table opens up in different angles allowing guests to keep their drinks on it. It even has a special storage space where Kajal keeps her coasters and bottle openers! Another unique fixture in the living room is the bar — it has a special table that opens up just when the party’s getting started! Given that Kajal loves entertaining when she’s in Mumbai, and the house is often overflowing with friends and family, this is a great fixture to have! Another piece of furniture that catches your eye is the floating bed in the bedroom. It gives you the feel of being on an island; and if that’s not amazing enough, the design also makes it incredibly easy to clean! And you can’t forget the chess table in the balcony— a simple table for two, it also serves as the perfect sitting space when Kajal has an old friend over some nostalgic reminiscing.

Kajal also has an enviable collection of collectables that are peppered across the house. There’s a beautiful hand-painted linen piece with several miniature Nandis painted in gold foil. But what makes the piece truly extraordinary is how Kajal has chosen to display it — it has been surrounded on either side by a piece of glass and installed as an unopenable, backlit window. Which means that the beautiful piece lights up every single night; amplifying its beauty even more. Another gorgeous collector’s item is a lovely grey canvas located bang in the middle of the living area. It comes with a gorgeous silhouette, creating the perfect contrast to the minimalistic look.

While Hyderabad is the place where Kajal has built a super successful life and career, Mumbai is where her heart is. Her home is nothing short of a haven — a place where she can go back to being a child; full of light, laughter and the warmth that comes from having your loved ones near you.

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