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Green and Sustainable is the Future of Malls

REHAU India’s chief Ajay Khurana says that the company takes pride in responsible use of resources and is mindful about the potential impact of building products on the environment and climate.

The future of Indian malls is green and sustainable buildings. Green buildings play a significant role in not only saving the environment but also reducing day-to-day operating costs. Construction which promotes a healthy environment and does not tamper with water, land and other resources in and around the building will characterise malls which will be built in India going forward. uPVC doors and windows are a perfect solution for building a green mall.

The waste material generated during production of these doors and windows can be re-processed, thus creating a sustainable future. These windows are energy-efficient and economical too, as uPVC has low thermal conductivity. This keeps the inside temperature of the mall building intact by preventing warm or cold air from escaping outside and vice-a-versa. The use of these windows also means reduction in energy bills. The use of REAHU uPVC doors and windows can help cut energy costs by up to 45%.

By installing underfloor heating and cooling systems, an optimum temperature can be maintained inside the mall without extra expenditure on energy. This involves laying a network of pipes under the floor structure, and depending on the requirement of heating or cooling, cold/warm water is passed from these pipes for cooling the floor. The room absorbs the radiant energy from the atmosphere, resulting in increase/reduction in the temperature.


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