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“GST Ke Baad Affordable Ho Gaya Prayag”

Prayag’s new TVC has an inherent message supporting GST; stresses that its state-of-the-art product ranges have become affordable for the masses.

GST is talk of the town. The new TV campaign (TVC) of Prayag, a leading bath asset and sanitaryware brand, is a sign that the ad-world too has latched on to it. Prayag, through the TVC, is creating awareness amongst customers about the fact that its state-of-the-art product range has become affordable post GST rollout.

Prayag launched the TVC with inherent message that the wide array of exclusive choices for its high-quality products are now within the buying capacity of each customer and that this is the best investment a buyer will ever make.

The new TVC opens with a buyer entering a hardware store asking for an affordable product, and the shopkeeper advising him to buy Prayag branded product. The customer, however, insists on buying any other low cost product, on which the shopkeeper informs that due to implementation of GST the innovative and high-quality Prayag product range has become affordable for the masses. With the message, “GST ke baad affordable ho gaya Prayag,” the TVC aims to inform consumers that using Prayag branded products, which come with the best warranty and reliable service, is the sensible thing to do. Besides, through the campaign the company in a way has tried to make people more responsive towards GST.

Kick-starting the initiative, Prayag’s CEO Nitin Aggarwal said, “The message that we are spreading through this campaign is that the streamlined indirect taxation regime has become truly beneficial for all the stakeholders of the industry. I’m sure with our new TVC, GST will get a much-needed shot in the arm.” Aggarwal says that Prayag products are everlasting, reliable and highly durable, and keeping in mind these facets that the company has embraced such a consumer awareness initiative.

Popular cine star Rajesh Sharma has played the lead role in this TVC as owner of the Prayag branded showroom. The company feels that the talented and critically acclaimed actor will emphatically help spread the message of Prayag to millions of its customers.




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