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How Firms Can Start Digitalisation Journey, ATechnos Co-founder Abhinav Jain suggests

How should corporates, SMEs and merchants start their digitalisation journey?

Abhinav Jain (, co-founder and managing director of ATechnos, a Gurugram-based firm that specialises in digital transformation, Martech, content, and VAS platform services, offers the prescription.

Corporates: Every corporate should identify those numerous small processes that require manual interventions. The data being generated in these manual processes would not be getting stored. They should digitalise those processes to be able to generate data, which can then flow into the master data for storing, and eventually being utilised for promotion or customer reach and satisfaction.

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SMEs: They may not have corporate communications, digital agencies or publicists for managing their branding and promotional activities. But they should create websites, use the services of freelancers, or engage small agencies that economically mimic the large digital agencies.

This approach may not garner the scale or quality of big agencies but does ensure the start of the digitalisation journey. SMEs should use Google Pay, WhatsApp Business app, and Facebook that offers a seamless analytics platform. They can start promoting within their geography in a matter of an hour with Facebook.

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Merchants: As they usually earn their bread and butter from the neighbourhood, they should see digitalisation opportunities in WhatsApp Business app, new apps like Udhari, WhatsApp groups, SMS, IVR kind of things to connect with customers. They should also create their location on Google and ask their customers to write reviews.


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