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How India has a Manufacturing Advantage? JLL Report Reveals

As businesses worldwide gearing up for the new normal triggered by Covid-19 pandemic, the Modi government is positioning the country that has as a resilient economy with swift action-oriented decision-making. India is emerging as a forerunner for business continuity plans. With its inventory of low risk and asset-light models like ready-built industrial infrastructure and build-to-suit offering of higher Capex savings, and new tax incentives, India offers increased profitability, and a domestic market comprising 18% of world population, notes the latest report by real estate consultant JLL.  


Titled Great Places for Manufacturing in India – World-class Destinations for Multi-nationals, the JLL report “deep” dives into major manufacturing locations in the country and details ten imminent industrial clusters, which are the established manufacturing hubs in the country providing the “right” ecosystem for growth and economic gains. “Through this report, we explore why manufacturing in India is a great proposition, what is the India advantage and where should you be in India to ride its growth story,” a JLL official said in a press statement. 


India today makes a compelling story in terms of attracting foreign investments in manufacturing, with its youngest technically skilled workforce, one of the largest consumption markets, and a large demographic dividend, the official added. “Our report is intended as a handbook for India’s existing and potential investors to encourage manufacturing investments in the country.”



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