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In the Face of Coronavirus, Greenply Heroes Shine

Early this week a Greenply Industries Ltd (GIL) team from Durgapur and Howrah branches reached out to members of the carpenter community, to help them withstand the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus.

Soumen Saha, Greenply’s branch manager, formed a team of six members from Durgapur and Howrah and reached Andul, where a large number of carpenters live with their families.

“Accompanied by his son and Sudip Dhara, a TI from his Howrah team, Saha visited the carpenters’ colony in Andul, Howrah to distribute essential supplies to over 100 carpenter families. From their own resources they purchased 200 kg of rice, 100 kg of pulses, 100 kg of potatoes, 3 cartons of edible oil, and 125 cotton masks for the cause.”

GIL’s country head Subir Palit says, “They helped not only the carpenters but also other local people, including a 92-year-old woman who was in dire need of adequate supplies.”

According to Palit, the local panchayat leader who was present during the activity lauded the Greenply team for undertaking this humanitarian task, that too in the suburbs. “That is not all, the distribution was done while ensuring social distancing. The carpenters were asked not to come to a common distribution point and remain in the 7-8 mandis they belong to. Saha’s team visited them individually to distribute the necessary items.”

“We are proud of Soumen Saha and his entire team for taking this brave initiative. He is indeed an inspiration for the entire Greenply family, and a real hero,” Palit adds.


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