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Calling Innovators for Home Improvement; Sign Up Now


Calling Innovators for Home Improvement


HOME IMPROVEMENT industry is estimated to be worth over US$ 25 billion in India alone, employing millions, directly and indirectly. And investors are looking for innovators for home improvement.

The industry, like many others, is fast getting disrupted with innovation and new technology. All aspects of the business, from Supply Chain to Manufacturing, Logistics to Customer Experience, including D2C, can be innovated with application of new technology, processes and business models.

Sourcing Hardware and The Growth Labs have partnered to bring new age solutions and technology to the home improvement industry.

Sourcing Hardware is a business media for the Building Products and Home Improvement industry (BPHI), and has been reporting on the industry since 1996. The audience consists of B2B stakeholders including brand owners, channel partners, specifiers, volume buyers, and industry professionals.

The Growth Labs is an innovation evangelist providing corporate innovation and startup engagement programs.

Together, we are inviting interest from startups – innovators for home improvement – who have developed new age solutions for the Home Improvement industry. Of special interest are AR/VR tech, Process Automation, Logistics Solutions, eCommerce platforms, Smart Materials, 3D Printing, AI and Data Analytics.

We will create narratives to promote them to a large base of companies and affiliates in the Home Improvement industry. Sign up now! 

Please fill in the form here as expression of interest


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