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Inspiring MOD+ Collection from GRAFF India 

MOD Plus Collection from Graff is an extremely rich and diversified collection which adapts to all styles, from the most traditional to contemporary. The collection offers a range of faucets, tub fillers and shower components. The handle covers are available in exciting colours and finishes, and the entire assortment can be seen at

The brand continues its strong will to expand the possibilities of design inspirations through the MOD+ Collection configurator. An abundant and inspiring range of handles and spouts comes in various finishes and designs, allowing an incredible degree of design freedom. Exclusive custom finishes made of natural stone and extravagant textures broaden the range of options for personalized customization and versatility. 

Ziggy Kulig, president of GRAFF Designs, comments, “GRAFF is committed to presenting the best bathing experiences in the personal space of the house with exceptional style and selection of precious raw material, in a way that exceeds the expectations.”


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