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Arancia Kuchen is Eyeing A-grade Cities and Towns for Next Round of Growth

Samir Patel, CEO – Arancia Kuchen, has the pulse of the market. He says that the market is fast shifting into the hands of millennials, who are known to be research-oriented and have hyper-access to information. “We have to keep them interested by offering the best products and great experiences,” he says. In an exclusive interaction with Sourcing Hardware, Patel shares his vision about the Indian kitchen sector and how Arancia Kuchen is responding to the emerging opportunities.

We are in the era of millennials; more and more young people are deciding about their homes and the interiors. Besides, the pragmatic shift in the nature of the Indian families, where the number of earning members has doubled as the family unit goes nuclear, is making smart and technology-rich kitchens a necessity. Furthermore, transformation into an organised sector has further accelerated the growth of the kitchen industry in India.

Changing Market

A recent TechSci report states that the India modular kitchen market stood at Rs 1,442 crore ($206 million) in 2018, and it is projected to grow to Rs 6,034 crore ($862 million) by 2024 at a CAGR of over 27% during 2019-2024.

The change is going to be gradual but definite, as the industry is getting organised thanks to increasing interest being shown by global majors and homegrown players. They all see a value in being a part of this growing market. With the increase in the number of players, the competitiveness of the industry is noticeable. However, today’s customers have become smart and research-oriented, and you can’t keep them away from seeking the best. Their in-depth research and hyper-access to knowledge attract them towards the best solution. As the product demands high involvement in terms of time and sentiment, it is crucial to keep them interested and inclined towards your brand. Designing a kitchen is another tricky task; each customer has a unique set of needs. There is no standardised kitchen format which can be applied for various clients. Though it gives you a chance to be creative, the challenge lies in getting the optimum utilisation of the resources.

Impact of Reforms

GST as well as RERA, both have ensured transparency in the existing process of taxation and realty, respectively. For an organised sector like ours, transparency has always been a priority, and the introduction of these reforms has accelerated the growth of the industry as a whole. The timely completion of real estate projects under RERA will lead to more focussed execution of work as well as optimal use of resources. On the other hand, GST has led to decreased dependence on the unorganised sector, which bodes well as far as quality and commitment are concerned.

Brand Arancia Kuchen

When it comes to Arancia Kuchen, ours is a perfect match between international deliverables and Indian essentials. We employ European raw materials, German machinery that delivers international quality, and professionals with sharp minds who understand Indian needs. All of these together enable us to produce the most elegant kitchens and offer par excellence customer experiences. We believe that the quality of our inputs determines the worth of the final output. Our products are customisable, come with high durability and finesse, and we regularly add new colours and designs to our collection to stay ahead of others.

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It’s been five years since we entered this business, and we already have 50 franchise stores across India. Owing to the popularity of the brand and the healthy ROI our franchisees enjoy, we are now seeing them investing in second stores in different cities or even in the same city. It’s a great time to be in the kitchen business, and for the next round of growth, we are eyeing A-grade cities and towns.

Arancia Kuchen has recently launched three contemporary design ranges, all of which are inspired by ‘surface trend of 2020’ and feature highly advanced materials for drawers and cabinets. The Anti Kratzen range is named after its scratch resistance feature; the AGM series, a much-recommended series, is aesthetically superior because of its feature of matching edge bands; while the ACON with Texture range is an exclusive one featuring a similar texture in the front and back.


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