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Kent RO Expands into GCC Markets

The company is hopeful that its association with Sands International and Lulu Hypermarkets will kick start a new business era in the Gulf market

In a strategic move to cater to international markets, Kent RO Systems Limited has announced its expansion into the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market. The move is a part of the company’s broader expansion plans in the Middle East and North Africa in the next few years. Kent RO is a leading Indian reverse osmosis water purifier brand.

The company has joined hands with UAE’s Sands International for distribution of its products in the GCC. Sands International has a multi-brand distribution network across the GCC and deals with a varied portfolio of products ranging from home appliances to consumer electronics and IT. A major outcome of Kent’s alliance with Sands will be that the former’s products will be sold at the counters of the iconic LuLu Hypermarkets.

Speaking at the event in Dubai, organised to announce the market entry, Kent RO chairman Dr Mahesh Gupta said, “Kent RO is synonyms with purest and tastiest water in India and now with the launch of Kent RO Water Purifiers in UAE, the consumers can purify their tap water to better than bottled quality at the press of a button.” Underlining the significance of his company’s association with Sands he said, “We have been steadily expanding into the international markets. Kent’s association with Sands International and LuLu Hypermarkets will kick start a new business era for us in the GCC market.”

Commenting on expansion plans, Gupta said, “There has been a growing demand for effective and affordable water purifying solutions in the region. We plan to utilise our expertise and market experience in India to cater to the growing demands of households in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the region.”

Sharoon Shamsuddin, CEO, Sands International, said, “The region offers immense potential for products such as water and air purifiers, especially when the brand assures uncompromised quality. Kent RO today holds 40% of the market share within the segment in India and we will work towards achieving a similar result in the GCC market.” He added, “We are committed to offering the same quality and service standards to our customers in the Gulf region as the brand provides in other global markets. We have been looking to aggressively expand our business in the region and partnering with Kent RO Systems is a significant step in that direction.”

Elaborating the benefits of having Kent RO water purifiers at home, Gupta told that people in Dubai prefer drinking bottled water, due to taste and purity concerns of tap water. However, consuming bottled water is not convenient, as women find it difficult to lift and install the bulky 20-litre cans on water vending machines. Moreover, it is costly to purchase bottled water as well. “Kent RO Mineral RO water purifiers are compact and convenient and purify tap water to better than bottled water quality, at a very low cost. Besides being economical and convenient, purifying tap water at home using Kent RO Water Purifiers is much safer as compared to bottled water, and is tasty also.” ')}


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