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Khanindra Barman, Wurfel Kuche: Challenging the Status Quo

Khanindra Barman (Kay) is the co-founder of Würfel Küche. He is a serial entrepreneur, author, optimist and mentor.

Barman, together with his partners Pankaj Bhatia, Naveen NJ, and Yathis NJ, aimed to create a global brand, leading them to conceive the idea of Würfel Küche in 2012. This lifestyle brand has brought about a revolution in the Indian modular kitchen industry, with the goal of introducing European modular kitchens to every Indian home. With 46 franchise outlets, Würfel has been recognised as the best modular kitchen brand for the last six years.

Barman’s passion for mentoring future entrepreneurs has motivated him to write his book, ‘A Boy & his Dreams.’ The book, presented in a learning-fiction format, aims to guide the next generation of entrepreneurs in launching their brand successfully. It was well-received by readers, spending 21 days as a best-seller and garnering significant appreciation.

Barman possesses a naturally optimistic and grounded disposition. He aspires to dedicate his efforts towards social and environmental initiatives in the future. He also seeks to introduce the world to his ‘Cycle of Greatness’ concept, in which he believes that great leaders cultivate great individuals, and great individuals, in turn, create great brands.


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