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Lean Kitchen Manufacturers can Achieve Higher ROI

Doing more with less and less of all resources like money, space, time and people is lean

Lean is considered to be the world’s most beneficial working system with the highest and quickest returns. Since furniture manufacturing involves complex processes and techniques, enterprises engaged in this industry are perfect candidates for adoption of lean methodologies.

According to Deepak Gupta, who heads SUCH Management Research Group, “Lean companies work like universities, always researching and teaching better ways. They enjoy the best quality output at the lowest cost, timely deliveries, and the best ROI. Lean companies become free from debt and worries.”

The Lean System was founded by Toyota Motors, which started operations in a small factory in 1935 and rebuilt them system several times after World War II. Post-war, the company was short of resources such as people, space, money and knowledge; but its management and workers had the passion and a belief that someday they would beat the American auto industry, which was several times bigger. The Lean method, therefore, was a product of crisis.

Gupta, who is running a Lean Cluster Program with QCI, adds, “Lean creates safe and happy workplaces, where people work together to detect problems quickly and solve them at the source. At lean organisations, work is fun.” He says that across the world several organisations including hospitals, hotels and fast food companies are enjoying the benefits of the lean system.

At India Kitchen Congress 2019, Gupta will be talking about the benefits operators in the modular kitchen and furniture sector can derive by becoming lean organisations. He will also explain how the government is supporting lean implementation amongst MSMEs through coaching and subsidies.


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