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Luv – Nordic Elegance in the Bathroom

“When I was drawing up my design for Duravit, the image in my mind’s eye from the very start was a bowl filled with water on a simple table,” says Danish designer CecilieManz. This image inspired Duravit’s Luv bathroom series, which affords brand new design opportunities for larger rooms or guest bathrooms.

Manz’s description of the Luv range offers guidelines for explaining to customers the thought behind the design and product features.

Luv’s unusual design combines Nordic purism and timeless elegance. Gentle forms follow a sharp geometry. The selection of materials and colours is testament to a refined sense for nuanced form. The colourpaletteof matt lacquers and glazes in soft shades was developed exclusively for Duravit, and emphasises the fresh character of Luv.

Luv also offers no-nonsense bathtubs that are based on the shape of wash bowls. Seamless, and made from DuraSolid A, they offer a pleasantly warm feel and high-quality matte look. They are available in free-standing, back-to-wall and corner (left or right) versions. As a special extra, the bathtub can be equipped with a discreetly integrated air whirl system (exclusive to the back-to-wall and corner version), or with an integrated sound system which can be operated using any Bluetooth-compatible device.

The series is completed by new mirrors in three widths ranging from 500mm to 1600mm with an integrated dimming function and mirror heating. In addition to the standard mirror height of 800mm, all models are also available in a height of 1200mm. The glare-free LED lighting at the top edge of the mirror with activated ambient lighting guarantees optimum illumination of up to 700 lux.



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