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Merino’s Contemporary Arts Laminates Transform Modern Decor

Merino’s Contemporary Arts laminates are similar to standard high-pressure laminates, with an add-on feature of having identical designs that help interior designers create exactly matching patterns for a space. 

The laminates are offered in a multitude of 33 designs, spread across coloured wood, pinnacle, vertex, beribboned, herringbone, woodcuts, louvre, walnut, steeple, and mesh. 

The range comes with an ultra-smooth and natural finish and near-zero light reflectivity in pebble touch finish. The laminates can be applied to various surfaces ranging from doors, wall panels, wardrobes and partitions to kitchen cabinets, table tops, cabinets and dining tables. 

The Contemporary Arts are impact-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant, thus, making them highly durable. They can be also customised with fire-retardant, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Contemporary Arts is also Greenguard and Greenguard gold-certified, confirming its longevity and sustainability quotient while encompassing all the technical features of Merinolam designs.


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