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Nasaka Unveils ‘MaXsure’ RO Water Purifier

Nasaka, manufacturers of water purifier from the house of Okaya and Microtek, recently launched RO water purifier model –MaXsure. Arush Gupta, director of the Okaya Group, unveiled the model in the presence of over 200 dealers and distributors. Designed exclusively for the big Indian family, Nasaka ‘MaXsure,’ is equipped with an extra-large tank of 13 litres and boasts multiple purification stages (RO+UV+UF+LED+OrpH++Biomag). According to the company, the newly introduced model is 100% health-oriented.

“Nasaka ‘MaXsure’ is truly an immunity boosting water purifier with its world-class four-stage water purification technology. After passing through minute purification, you get to drink water that is fortified with all essential minerals and tastes good too,” remarked Gupta, on the sidelines of the launch event. He added that creative design and exceptional customer service are the hallmarks of brand Nasaka, and these provide the company an edge in the market. Speaking about the product he informed that, Nasaka ‘MaXsure’ is studded with futuristic OrpH+ technology that adds the vital minerals and maintains ORP and pH level of water, thereby assuring good health and better immunity for users. Similarly, the Biomag technology breaks down the water molecules into fine micro-cluster that helps the body quickly absorb essential minerals present in the water, he added.

The product comes with five years (1+4 years extended) warranty, said Gupta. Nasaka ‘MaxSure’ water purifier has been priced at Rs 17,990 and is available all across India. He informed that the company has over 400 service points.


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