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New Dr Fixit Campaign Educates Consumers about Waterproofing

A new TV commercial from Dr Fixit, Pidilite’s waterproofing brand, features acting legend Amitabh Bachchan and an interesting set of aquatic creatures. The TVC urges homeowners to avoid taking a shortcut while constructing their new home and engage in ‘total waterproofing’ with Dr Fixit, to avoid future costs and damage to their homes. The TVC, in a light-hearted and humorous fashion, educates Indian consumers about waterproofing in new homes, while Bachchan lends his trademark style and wit to the message.

Most people, while constructing a new home, leave waterproofing on others or don’t pay attention towards it and sometimes even consider it as an unnecessary expense. In its latest campaign, Dr Fixit addresses these shortcuts in waterproofing. The TVC underlines the fact that skipping waterproofing can cost more in the long run, because of the damage that leakage and dampness can cause. It draws attention towards how Dr Fixit’s ‘total waterproofing’ can safeguard the home and investment from unforeseen embarrassment. It urges consumers to reach out to the Dr Fixit brand and receive a comprehensive ‘waterproofing guide’.


“Dr Fixit is the market leader in the waterproofing segment, and it continues to play the role of building the category. People constructing new homes may have the right intention of waterproofing, but often make the mistake of leaving it to others or ignoring it or cutting corners,” says Vivek Sharma, chief marketing officer at Pidilite Industries. He adds that the campaign featuring humorous interplay between Bachchan and aquatic creatures nudges people in the direction of seeking total waterproofing from Dr Fixit. “Humor works best in changing people’s attitude, and even better with  Amitabh Bachchan,” he says.

The campaign constitutes three films featuring Bachchan, and an aquatic creature symbolising embarrassments that customers face when they adopt shortcuts. Commenting on the campaign, Piyush Pandey, chief creative officer worldwide and executive chairman India, Ogilvy, remarks, “Humans normally don’t change their behaviour when given lots of information, but do so with an insightful and emotional nudge. In this series of interesting TVCs, Ogilvy and Corcoise team have done a fantastic job in providing the nudge through unique aquatic characters and humour.” He adds that Bachchan is at his best, as always. “It definitely makes a person sit up, take notice and reconsider their thinking on waterproofing,” he avers.


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