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Orient Bell Vs COVID-19: How the Tiles Major is Countering Coronavirus

Tiles major Orient Bell Tiles Ltd has drawn up various tactical and strategic steps to fight against the novel coronavirus. Here is the first-person account of the company’s chief marketing officer Alok Agrawal:

It is a very premature to state how business is being hit due to COVID-19. We will be adapting by the day. As of now, raw material supplies have not been affected and we have not yet experienced any abnormal shock in our exports.

However, we can feel the brunt of it in the COVID-affected 75 districts where markets are slowing down. We as manufacturers might also be affected but since we work on a long-term inventory planning structure, we are better poised to face this crisis. This scenario will anyway have more impact in the days to come and is essential that we treat this with caution and respect.

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Our prime concern now is the safety of our employees and customers. We have taken pre-emptive steps to #FlattenTheCurve and ensure the safety of our stakeholders: be it customers, employees or suppliers.

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