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Our Digital Locks are straight out of Sc-Fi Movies, Says Dorset’s Bansal

Delhi-based Dorset Industries Pvt Ltd (DIPL), the homegrown architectural hardware and
security solutions major, has forayed into digital door locks. The company has unveiled BLE, mortise, rim, glass, among other digital locks, and is marketing these products under the DG brand.

“The future is moving towards digitisation, and we believe it is convenient for users to use digital locks.

As the first company in the country to launch digital locks with Bluetooth technology, we take pride in our DG digital lock range. This range covers the entire gamut of access modes, locking modes, alarms and smart features that turn science-fiction into science facts,” asserts the company’s director Takshay Bansal.

“From one-touch technology to the Cloud-based E key system, to the energy- saving smart touchpad to the smart sticker and remote control, these future-perfect lock systems add a whole new dimension to security, convenience, dependability and style,” he adds.

Acknowledging that such technology-oriented solutions stand on a service infrastructure, Bansal says that Dorset’s service is amongst the “strongest” in the industry, and a newly-trained team is controlling the on-ground service operations for the digital locks vertical.

“We have a strength of 68 people on the ground for digital locks. This team is rapidly growing, as we are launching our products in different cities.” Informing about manufacturing, Bansal says, “Dorset’s core strength is in manufacturing, and we believe in keeping a strong control over production by ensuring the highest quality standards. Our locks are assembled locally at our manufacturing competence centre in Gurugram.”

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