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Payments on Google Pay Web App will cease to Exist in Early 2021

Google Pay is set to kill the peer-to-peer payments facility on its web app in January and is going to add a fee for instant money transfers, IANS reports. It offered the ability to manage payments as well as send money from both a mobile app or from

Now, Google has released a notice on the web app that notifies users that the site will no longer work from January next year. “Starting early in 2021, you won’t be able to use to send and receive money from other people. To send and receive money, use the new Google Pay app,” the company informed. “While you can still manage payment methods on the web app, peer-to-peer payments will cease to exist.” Google also clarified on a support page that the original Google Pay app will stop working in January, reports 9to5Google. Google Pay will also add a fee on instant money transfers. “It can take 1-3 business days when you transfer money to your bank account. Debit card transfers are usually instant. There is a fee of 1.5% or $.31 (whichever is higher) when you transfer out money with a debit card.”


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