Monday, February 6, 2023
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Sensia Arena Smart Shower Toilet

GROHE’s newly introduced Sensia Arena shower toilet is designed to maximise personal comfort and hygiene through gentle and smart cleansing. Key features include the discreet night light which guides users through a dark bathroom, and the automatic open and close feature for the lid. Personalisation options include adjustment of water pressure, position of shower arm, preferred temperature, spray pattern and cleansing cycle. The settings can be made intuitively using remote control or the panel mounted on side of the seat. An app can also be downloaded to store favourite settings on a digital device.

While its rimless flushing technology means there are no corners and crevices for germs to settle in, its AquaCeramic glazing results in an exceptionally smooth finish that impurities cannot stick to. In addition, the innovative HyperClean surface uses silver ions to prevent 99% of bacteria growth. State-of-the-art GROHE technology is also behind the triple vortex flush which leverages the combined power of three separate water outlets to create a highly effective vortex that leaves nothing behind and is quieter than conventional flushing systems. Toilet odours are banished from the bathroom by Sensia Arena’s innovative odour absorption, which works in combination with an Airshield to keep all smells in the bowl. Importantly, use of all these features is completely optional – Sensia Arena can be used just like a conventional toilet, for example by kids or uninitiated guests. The toilet has won the iF Design Award, the Interior Innovation Award, Plus X Award and the Green Good Design Award.




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