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Six Key Kitchen Trends 2019

Combined kitchen and living space is the key trend observed at the recently concluded LivingKitchen 2019. One of the indispensable factors of modern kitchens is health awareness. Kitchen is the place in the home for interacting with family and friends, as well as the initial point of a healthy lifestyle. By merging the living area with the kitchen, enhanced experiences can be created. The show presented the following key trends that the industry is likely to adopt:

#1 Innovative Ventilation Systems

Now extractor fans have newer designs and features and are increasingly becoming elements of modern architecture. They are designed to cleverly integrate with existing kitchen basics. The innovative ventilation systems meet technical requirements for combined kitchen and living areas.

#2 Eye-level Installation of Appliances

Kitchen and appliance manufacturers are more concerned about ergonomic and user-friendly working environments. Their solutions incorporate higher work elements, more space for cooking, easy-to-open doors, and innovative fixtures for wall cabinets. With the optimal segmentation of the worktop, cooking becomes more enjoyable. Eye-level installation of appliances provides an excellent display and easy access to items. Appliances with infrequent use, such as the oven, can be concealed in the cabinetry.

#3 Minimalism and Clean Looks

It is essential to maintain order and hygiene due to the increasing integration of the kitchen and living area. An organised kitchen with a minimalist style meets the aspiration of many users. It is designed to be practical and presentable. Kitchen islands and dresser-like cupboards are great for room partitions and storage miracles. Elegant worktops and simple kitchen fronts without handles create an engaging atmosphere. Moreover, blenders, toasters and power strips can be concealed at the tap of a button.

#4 Worktops are Becoming Slimmer

The worktop has been an indispensable part of kitchens. It plays an important role in the overall visual impression as well as functionality. The kitchen worktop should be resistant to heat, dirt and bacteria etc. Popular current trends for worktops and decor include the concrete look and authentic-looking wood patterns, and antibacterial surfaces. Solid wood kitchen worktops from sustainable sources are certainly very popular. Artificial stones are more uniform and thinner, giving worktops an elegant and high-quality appearance.

#5 Ergonomic, Stylish Taps for Long-term Use

There are differences in the functions of kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixtures. The kitchen sink is designed for specific functionality such as water at the push of a button, or with an arm movement. It’s fundamental that washing, rinsing or filling the pan with water is performed easily and automatically. Fixtures’ stainless steel look matches the minimalist and clean style.

#6 Sinks Integrate with Variety of Materials

Kitchen sinks come in an extensive range of materials, such as stainless steel, cast mineral, granite and ceramic. They must have the features of food-safety, hygiene, robustness and easy cleaning. Flush-mounted stainless steel sinks create a holistic look with kitchen cabinets. There is an upward trend for worktop customisation to accommodate the particular space.


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