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We are Revolutionising Retail

From fire to wheel, from sticks to steel, human beings have always been fascinated with technology and innovation. Technology, undoubtedly the prime driving force throughout our journey from caves and initial settlements to modern cities and high-rise buildings, is shaping an entirely new future for human civilisation. Today, man demands cutting-edge technology in all spheres of life. Similar expectations in the sanitary fittings industry are, therefore, not misplaced as this is one aspect of life that one engages with every day, multiple times.

  • At present, innovation, creativity, and technology are the cornerstones of the sanitary fittings sector. Simple showers, bathtubs, and sanitary installations are being replaced by futuristic and sophisticated designs that are not just more comforting but also more efficient and eco-friendly. From Turkish baths to hot tubs, personal spas to Jacuzzis, the contemporary sanitary fitting solutions cover a broad range of products that offer a perfect blend of ergonomic comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

However, innovations at Grohe are not just limited to product offerings. We are also making massive leaps in terms of how we approach and interact with our discerning and exacting consumer base. From interactive product displays at designer showrooms to live events, consumer engagement has been redefined by Grohe through advanced display systems and experience centres. Catering to the demands of private and corporate sectors specifically, we have concept showrooms and displays, and Grohe Live! centers spread across the country to offer consumer-centric products for specific demands. These centers are a one-stop destination for consumers to experience our quality, technology, design, and sustainability and our numerous product offerings. Each centre is in perfect synchrony with everything that we stand for… supreme aesthetics, evolved lifestyle and ultimate sophistication in living.

We also employ several training programmes for our partners to enhance the consumer satisfaction quotient and provide customers with unmatched services. These programmes comprise Grohe Dual Tech and retailer training programmes that feature vocational training for retailers in order to achieve higher consumer engagement and retention. On one hand these training centres provide expertise related to the trade along with soft skills, thus improving the consumer experience. On the other hand, they also empower the youth by increasing employability with razor-sharp skills. Grohe Dual Tech is an award-winning and internationally recognised training programme that has been felicitated by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development for its innovation and significant social impact. It caters to thew socially-deprived sections of society by providing free training to young individuals.

Moreover, despite the fact that many of the sanitary fitting companies have negligible online presence, being a leader in the market we have ensured that we address the online demand perfectly. Our expansive product offerings are available on a variety of online channels including India’s leading e-commerce websites. This helps us reach out to the promising online market, and also retain leadership position in the field of technology.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that bathrooms have undeniably become modern marvels for our civilisation. With the ever-increasing usage of cutting-edge technologies for sanitary fitting offerings along with breath-taking designs, Grohe continues to stay at the forefront of innovation to make bathing more of a science and art rather than just a basic necessity.

The author is head-marketing, Grohe India Pvt Ltd . He can be reached at



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