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Zicom to Provide Security to JanaJal’s Water ATMs

Security services provider Zicom Electronic Security Systems will provide surveillance solutions to JanaJal, for monitoring over 2,000 water ATMs that the latter will commission across the country in the next two years. JanaJal has till date deployed 550 water ATMs. JanaJal is a leading water services company engaged in setting up water ATMs.

Zicom will use AI technology-based security solutions including wireless CCTV cameras with built-in panel connected to a magnetic door sensor. This solution will enable real-time monitoring of the water ATMs and also keep them safe from vandalism and theft. Zicom will also install low-energy Bluetooth enabled access control for keyless entry to the water ATMs. The system will also include a biometric time and attendance device which will make it easier to monitor and manage the clusters of water ATMs.

“JanaJal is a very noble initiative and this association is our way to support this socially impactful activity by enabling a technology-based backbone for remote monitoring and supervision. Through our extensive experience and expertise, we aim to take responsibility to ensure the safety of the water ATMs,” said Pramoud Rao, promoter and managing director of Zicom, on sidelines of the event marking the signing of this partnership. He added, “We believe that safety should be the top priority for all. Our model has been based on preventing criminal activity using technology solutions.”

Commenting on the new development, Parag Agarwal, founder and CMD of JanaJal said, “Zicom is well known for its proficiency in implementing technology-based solutions for enhanced safety and security. This is in line with JanaJal’s vision and mission to deploy cutting-edge technologies across all functions of its operations with the sole intention of achieving higher efficiencies, both qualitatively and quantitatively. This association is expected to act as a force multiplier and enable the company to scale up rapidly across India over the next two years.”


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