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AO Smith Launches MiniBot Instant Water Heater Category

Water heaters major AO Smith India Water Products Pvt Ltd, subsidiary of American AO Smith Corporation, has unveiled MiniBot, a 3-litre instant water heater with a “unique” design and “cutting-edge” technology.

“MiniBot is the only instant water heater with the Blue Diamond glass lining for the inner tank and enables superior corrosion resistance compared to conventional glass-lined products. It also protects against premature tank failure caused by the hard and contaminated water commonly found in India and extends the life of water heater,” Parag Kulkarni, managing director, AO Smith India, said.

“The Incoloy heating element is protected by glass coating to prevent scale formation and extend the life of the heating element, even in the toughest water conditions. It also comes with an 8-bar pressure rating, making it suitable for even high-rise buildings. The special grade titanium alloy steel with 2mm thickness used in the construction of tank ensures superior strength,” Kulkarni further informed.

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He stressed that AO Smith is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of its customers. Catering to the growing trend of consumers looking for products that enhance their homes aesthetically, the compactly designed MiniBot precisely fits this new norm that delivers quality and adds a style element to complement the interiors of modern bathrooms, besides having key benefits to the consumers. “The new offering is yet another testimony to our ability to build products which are backed by consumer insights.”


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