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Greenlam Launches New TVC ‘Shukar Hai, Greenlam Laminates Anti-bacterial Hai’

Laminate major Greenlam Industries Ltd (GIL) has launched its new TV commercial ‘Shukar Hai, Greenlam Laminates Anti-bacterial Hai’, focussing on the anti-bacterial feature of its product to strengthen its positioning in the light of heightened health and hygiene environment.

The company offers surfaces that are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and food contact safe under its flagship brand, Greenlam Laminates and Greenlam Compacts.

“…Through this new TVC, Greenlam is bringing awareness about its anti-bacterial laminates, which are highly effective in retarding the growth of common bacteria up to 99.99%. Greenlam is the first laminate brand to introduce anti-bacterial surfaces over 10 years ago and is committed to help people keep their spaces germ-free and devoid of unhealthy contaminants,” GIL’s director Parul Mittal has said.

“The latest TV campaign is launched with an objective to reach out to a larger audience highlighting the key benefit of anti-bacterial property in Greenlam Laminates and to communicate that the laminate does not just look beautiful but is also effective in retarding bacteria to keep the surface hygienic,” she added.



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