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ONGO Enables Enterprises Launch Commerce App in 60 Minutes

This SaaS solution helps mom-and-pop shops and MSMEs launch mobile apps for upping their game in the digital age

Hyderabad-based startup ONGO Framework is enabling micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to launch mobile apps in just 60 minutes. The B2B IT company’s digital solution has helped enterprises transform digitally and compete more effectively in a hyper-connected and technology-driven landscape. The ONGO solution enables businesses to build, integrate and deploy applications on web and mobile, which can then be hosted on cloud, private cloud, or any other infrastructure, thereby significantly reducing the complexities and the time taken for developing and deploying an app.

“Our company makes technology solutions feasible for SMEs and startups. We have helped the enterprises and startups with enterprise mobility and digital transformation,” says the company’s founder and CEO Rama Krishna Kuppa.

Kuppa explains that ONGO Framework can develop the application for enterprises across verticals and industries such as retail, restaurants, insurance, healthcare, enterprise mobility, among others. “We are telling the Ramu kaka kind of shops (mom-and-pop stores) that you do not need to compete with Amazons and Big Baskets of the world, as your local market is the entire world. You safeguard your interest, and that is good enough. These small shops generally have 100-odd households as loyal customers in a 1-km radius, and they should not lose them to the big boys.”

The company operates on an Application-Platform as a Service (A-PaaS) model for developing mobile and web-based applications. Its key differentiator, Kuppa underscores, is self-learning capability. “Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) model is built into the framework, to allow developers to overcome any challenges without hiccups for enabling the development process to be automated. This, in turn, decreases the time taken for the development of digital architectures by as much as 60-95%.”

Furthermore, Kuppa says, the company’s development teams integrate intuitive technologies such as Cognitive Computing, AI and Machine Learning with industry-specific solutions to create “robust” platforms for businesses to grow. “Having pioneered the fast delivery of digital solutions with less code, ONGO provides end-to-end IT solutions with complete customisation to help clients meet specific business goals.”

He adds that ONGO’s enterprise-focused customised solutions are delivered based on the business requirements, with standardised solutions for different business categories that are distributed through its vast reseller network comprising web-service providers, discovery providers, listing providers, digital marketing agencies, etc. “We want enterprises, shops, MSMEs etc. to be discovered on a digital map. Using our solution, they can display products and services, execute transactions, and monitor consumer behaviour. Our technology provides information about the availability of plumbers, electricians, grocery businesses, etc. when someone looks up on Google.”

According to Kuppa, business owners or their employees can launch their app in less than 60 minutes with the help of the ONGO Framework platform. “If they request us, we allocate a team member to do the job. Besides, they are handhold by us for developing an app and other digital assets.”

Explaining how the ONGO Framework is equipping businesses with “end-to-end” digital transformation, he informs, “Around eight months ago, we acquired digital marketing agency Hockeystick for supporting our customers to provide B2B content marketing, webinar, training for internal staff, blogs, mailers, etc. We want to be with our customers in their entire journey of digital transformation and do not want to leave them to destiny,” he quips.

The company, notes Kuppa, has impacted 45,000 MSMEs primarily in the India sub-continent directly and indirectly. “Our ticket size for small businesses is Rs 2,000-Rs 3,000 per month, and Rs 80,000-Rs 85,000 per month for big enterprises.”


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