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Smart Class Program from Duravit Transforms Rural School

This is the second successful implementation of the program by Duravit, which aims to transform the education system for secondary schools in India

Duravit India, the wholly owned subsidiary of Duravit AG, has transformed the Madhavlal Shah U B Vidhyalay, a rural school in Valli (Kanewal, Gujarat) to a smart school through its Smart Class Program. Duravit has not only equipped the school with smart technology but also revamped the entire school. The Smart Class Program is a CSR initiative undertaken by the company in association with YUVA Unstoppable, an NGO, towards overall educational development by integrating technology in learning models. The program is intended to benefit students in senior secondary classes.

This is the second school that Duravit India has helped revamp in the last two years, and the company has plans to help transform 100 such schools. “Duravit believes in creating a strong and meaningful impact on the society through its corporate social responsibility program. As an initiative, the Smart Class Program will be benefiting the underprivileged children,” says Asutosh Shah, managing director of Duravit India. “With the increasing presence of technology in our lives, a technology integration model in schools can make learning enjoyable and impactful,” he adds. Shah insists that technology has helped create amazing tools and resources and that it is about time that every child is made well versed with the latest technology.

“Duravit’s Smart Class Program initiative is expected to play a vital role in transforming and improving the overall development of underprivileged students’ learning and effectiveness. The implemented program aims to ensure that the children get a positive environment, which will help them to complete their secondary school education through a technology-led educational program,” remarks Shah. Duravit’s program uses K-Yan technology. He explains that this technology incorporates the features of computer-based learning into a high-resolution, high-luminosity portable projector along with various built-in features, including Internet connectivity and showing multi-media content to students. “The program will not be a replacement to the existing teachers, but will act as an additional aid to them, as well as train them to teach more effectively,” says Shah.


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