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Walplast Builds a 100K Strong Social Media Community, Launches Digital Newsletter and Loyalty App

Building materials specialist Walplast Products has created a community of over one lakh followers on social media. The company has also launched a newsletter and mobile app for sharing content, which it says would help its customers and key influencers stay engaged. As Walplast builds a 100K strong social media community, it aims to make discussions around wall putty, grouts, waterproofing mixtures and paints with home improvement enthusiasts and professionals more meaningful. The company is taking the community route to build loyalty and increase word-of-mouth brand recall.

Walplast recently announced that it had achieved the milestone of 100,000 followers on its Facebook page. Building a strong social media following, which is a steady process, reflects a commitment to being part of a community that is concerned about home improvement, and which likes to stay informed about the new techniques to keep the home well-maintained and healthy. It also underscores the trust that Walplast has cultivated among its audience.

According to Aniruddha Sinha, Walplast’s senior VP and group head of marketing, PR, CSR & business head-P2P division, “This milestone reflects the trust and loyalty our customers have placed in us. It is a testament to our continuous efforts in delivering high-quality content, engaging with our audience, and creating a vibrant online community. We are thrilled to witness the overwhelming response from our community, as demonstrated by surpassing 100,000 followers on Facebook. “

Through its Facebook page, Walplast’s marketing team shares company updates, new initiatives, product information, application tips, guidelines, event details, employee engagement posts, quizzes, and exciting campaigns such as IPL promotions that reward winners with prizes.

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To further strengthen its engagement with the community, Walplast has also launched the HomeSure Ki Duniya quarterly newsletter and the HomeSure Samriddhi loyalty app. The newsletter is delivered in Hindi and English through the WhatsApp API platform.

Explaining the rationale behind the newsletter, Walplast managing director Kaushal Mehta says, “At Walplast, our focus has been on having enduring relationships with our customers and influencers, and the HomeSure Ki Duniya newsletter plays an integral role in this approach. First, it establishes Walplast as a reliable and trustworthy brand in the industry, by regularly sharing significant company and industry updates. Second, the newsletter serves as a cost-effective and time-efficient tool to communicate with our valued customers and influencers, and steadily enhance awareness and recognition of the Walplast brand. Through the newsletter, we also aim to forge stronger connections with our customers and their families, which in turn will foster customer loyalty and long-term relationships.”

The HomeSure Samriddhi app is an exclusive customer loyalty program designed to facilitate collaboration and connection with trade influencers such as painters, masons, and tile applicators and contractors. Mehta explains that the app simplifies coupon redemption for influencers through smartphone scanning, and the points earned can be used to buy products from Walplast’s catalogue. “The app reflects our commitment to innovation, empowering influencers and promoting customer satisfaction with rewards and personalised recommendations.”

According to the company, the app has already attracted over 10,000 influencers. “This user-friendly app is designed to reward our loyal customers while providing valuable insights into their preferences and behaviour. We believe the app will help us build stronger relationships with customers and influencers, thus driving greater loyalty and engagement.” 

Community is considered the most effective means of marketing in today’s over-advertised world, where the customer increasingly values meaningful and personalised communication that can be trusted. It would therefore be interesting to see how well Walplast can enrich its community of home improvement enthusiasts and get them to consume more of its solutions.


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