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How Somany Ceramics is Building its Brand Equity

This conversation with Minal Somany reveals what it means to be a brand custodian. We also get to see how Somany Ceramics is building its brand equity through a sensitive yet tech-driven approach.

The role of brand custodians and of building brand equity is no child’s play. Whoever shoulders this responsibility must curate the organisation’s brand and shape its unique personality; the custodian must maintain close affinity with customers to ensure the brand responds to their changing aspirations and sensitivities while remaining true to its values.

A brand custodian must be able to view the landscape with an eagle eye from far above, away from the daily grind of brand management. Only then can she hope to prepare the company for timely diversifications into new segments and categories.

Yet, the brand custodian must effectively lead the team of teams of specialists who have been charged with designing, executing, and monitoring ATL and BTL initiatives in the complex physical cum digital media world.

Minal Somany, the brand custodian at the Rs 2,460-crore tiles major Somany Ceramics Ltd, seems to shoulder this role with aplomb. In this 13-min chat, she talks about the gamut of initiatives she leads to keep the 50-year-old brand aligned with its core values of being strong, stylish, and zameen se judey (humble).

She talks about how the Somany brand is working to bring social change through its Tile Master CSR initiative as well as the Easyfix category expansion, which together address the occupational challenges faced by tile installers and masons.

Somany Ceramics is Building

Minal also reveals her understanding of consumer behaviour in the digital world, and why the building products category is likely to continue being touched and felt at retail points by the customer.

Brand ambassador Salman Khan and the IPL branding are two big bets Minal has taken, to keep Somany connected to the masses while at the same time fortifying its commanding presence in the tiles market.

“Salman Khan’s values are aligned with those of the Somany brand. Both of us are strong, stylish and zameen se judey,” she asserts, justifying her choice of the superstar as brand ambassador.

Associating with IPL has been a good experience, according to Minal. “Indians adore cricket and IPL is followed by a large section of the society. Our brand’s integration with the players provides it unparalleled visibility. It also enthuses our dealers, who are thrilled to see the brand they represent visible across all communication channels.”

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Minal admits that the intricacies of digital marketing can be overwhelming, but she appears to be a good learner. She is getting the hang of working with the new generation of ambassadors – social media influencers – who are often “ordinary people and not celebrities, yet they have an amazing following!” she exclaims.

It’s interesting to note that in the hustle of digital marketing, the Somany brand has not given up on the traditional mode of marketing – outdoor branding. Minal takes pride in how the brand has become a part of the urban skyline, constantly reminding its key stakeholders – architects, designers and channel partners – that at 50, Somany is the most trusted and dependable tile brand around.


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