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How Computer Vision is Innovating Building Materials Biz

Building trust is the immediate benefit of any quality audit that is done objectively and consistently. And that is what tech start up CamCom is helping its customers achieve. Co-founder and CMO Ajith Nayar explains in this 9-minute conversation how computer vision is innovating building materials businesses by transforming their audit processes, right from production to aftermarket.

But what is computer vision? Well, computer vision is the science of enabling computers to achieve high level understanding from digital images and videos, based on artificial intelligence. This technology automates the tasks that are otherwise done by humans using subjective judgement.

CamCom is an AI-based enterprise that deploys computer vision for powering visual inspection to identify defects and damages. The company uses bespoke camera rigs, mobile devices and drones to monitor production processes, warehousing, and movement of goods in the aftermarket. All of these devices are connected to a cloud-based platform that creates a visual track and trace audit trail across the lifecycle of the product.

The platform has the ability to derive meta data from the visuals and offer actionable intelligence, even to companies that follow Six Sigma and Lean, and tell them what steps to take to increase efficiencies.

According to Nayar, “CamCom is replacing the subjectivity of the human eye and brain combo with the intelligence of the computer, to take binary yes-no decisions regarding quality.”


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While CamCom has garnered substantial experience in the automobile sector, it is now offering its proven and industry-agnostic tech solution for the building materials and home improvement sector.

With the building materials and general contracting sectors both being largely unorganised, this AI-based innovation has the potential to transform delivery of quality and identification of damages across the entire value chain.

Nayar states that finish-sensitive products such as ceramics, glass and surface solutions are the most apt applications for computer vision based audit. Other applications include quality check of ongoing construction and interiors, and inventory audit of new buildings being handed over.

“Without doubt, computer vision can have a direct impact on the building materials business. Practically every aspect of materials supply and construction process can be better assessed through computer vision,” he explains in this 9-minute video How Computer Vision is Innovating Building Materials Biz.

He also affirms that being a cloud based solution there are no fixed costs, except in manufacturing applications that call for CamCom’s patented visual set ups. “For all aftermarket applications, CamCom’s solution can be invoked by the customer using any hand held camera device…it’s as simple as that.”


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Camcom was established in 2017, and currently has bases in Bengaluru and Dubai. The company has achieved major breakthroughs in the automotive sector with marquee partnerships with Mahindra First Choice Wheels and MG Motor India, besides in insurance with Fairfirst Insurance Ltd, Sri Lanka. With its make-in-India tech proposition, it is aiming to enhance the trust quotient of its clients in all spheres where quality is the major differentiator.


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