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Aluplast India Expanding Network, Launching New Finishes

100 km is the optimum radius of operation for window fabricators, says Aluplast India sales head Tom Reiner.

Two good outcomes of this self-imposed limit is that they can effectively network with specifiers like architects and designers, and provide prompt aftersales service to their customers.

However, fabricators can increase their domain if they develop a network of dealers who can provide an engaging retail experience to customers. Tom also observes that the market for window systems is moving out to tier 2 and 3 cities.

While these markets are currently being served by fabricators situated in tier 1 cities, there is now a case for investors to set up fabrication units in non-metro cities that can act as a hub for the countryside, such as Guwahati for the north east, and Vijawada for south east India. Listen to these and other insights in this conversation.

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