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It’s Picture Time for Design

How does a 200-year-old uber bathroom brand celebrate its birthday? It brings together globally acclaimed designers on its birthday bash.

And why shouldn’t it? After all ‘design’ has been the fulcrum of the German Duravit’s marketing plank in its quest for global domination. In the mid 1980s when the bathroom was still something of an unknown quantity for interior designers, Duravit took a bold step together with product designer Dieter Sieger, claiming ‘Design Conquers the Bathroom’ in an advertising campaign for the complete bathroom range Giamo. This referred not only to product design per se, but also to the way in which bathrooms can be designed as an integral whole and marketed in a well-targeted manner.  The company’s 200-year birthday celebration at Alte Oper in Frankfurt provided a unique joint photo opportunity.

Behind (L-R): Gernot Bohmann, Harald Gründl, Martin Bergmann (all EOOS); Tom Schönherr, Andreas Haug (both Phoenix Design); Michael Sieger (Winner design); Prof. Frank Huster; David Nelson (Foster & Partners); Christian Werner; Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez (Matteo Thun & Partners)

Front (L-R): Kurt Merki Jr; Philippe Starck; Cecilie Manz; Dieter Sieger; Christian Sieger (Winner design) ')}


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