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Railing Systems are Indispensible for Safety

Projections for retail realty augur well for the staircase, railing and balustrades industry, says S Elements managing director Paresh Bhalodi.

The increasing modularity of railing systems, as well as use of technology and design in their production, is making them an indispensable element of modern architecture. In particular, their importance cannot be underestimated when it comes to crowd management, creation of safe exit passages and refuge spaces, and use of glass facades.

Malls are high traffic zones, and they require solutions that are inherently strong and aesthetically beautiful. Only world class solutions can fit the bill for today’s architecture, which needs elements such as top mount, side mount, concealed, full baluster, half baluster, small baluster, spigot fitting, etc. We are leaders in this space and we also provide customised solutions for large projects. While our product range is suited for high traffic zones and is easy to install, we take pride in the fact that S Grip products are environmentally sustainable and offer one of the highest recycling rates.


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